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Q.2b. Write short notes of IFRS.

b) International Financial Reporting System:

IFRS are standards, interpretations and framework for the preparation and presentation of financial statements. IFRS was framed by International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

The objective of financial statement is to provide information about the financial position, performance and changes in the financial position of an entity. It should also provide the current financial status of the entity to
all the users of financial information. IFRS follows accrual basis of accounting and the financial statements are prepared on the basis that an entity will continue for the foreseeable future. IFRS helps entities access global capital market with ease.
Under IFRS, we need to submit a statement of financial position (Balance Sheet), Comprehensive income statement (Profit & Loss/ Income and Expenditure account), either a statement of changes in equity or statement of recognized income or expenses, cash flow statement and notes including summary of significant accounting policies.

An Accounting Standard is a selected set of accounting policies or broad guidelines regarding the principles and methods to be chosen out of several alternatives. There are altogether 28 accounting standards issued by ASB which have to be adopted by management of different enterprises to improve the quality of presentation of financial statements in our country.


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