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OM0010 – Operations Management -Q1. What are the emerging opportunities and challenges that confront Operations Management in India? List the important differences between Service and manufacturing.

Answer:There has been an overall growth in the manufacturing sector in India over the years. A recent Configuration of Indian Industry (CII) – McKinsey study2 projects that by 2015, the export of auto-components from India will grow from US $ 1 billion to US $ 25 billion. Industries like automobile and capital goods are showing significant growth. Increase in the cost of primary inputs, that is, material and
labour is also growing. To remain competitive in the market an increase in the input cost is likely to pressurise the firms to cut wastages and improve productivity. Therefore, the focus areas of Operations Management are likely to be better the supplier management, eliminate waste from the system and improve the overall productivity.

Several sectors of the industry have been focusing on some of these initiatives.

Several studies point to emerging opportunities for Indian manufacturing industry to grow and attain a global presence. India is also competing with China in the global market. There are few issues that Indian manufacturing firms are likely to face in the coming years. Two major findings are:

• India also has a unique advantage in abundant availability of low cost labour and technical manpower.

• The limitations of the industry are mainly on account of lack of scale,inadequate investment in management skills and little effort towards brand building. The scale of operations directly influences the cost of the products. High volume production reduces the cost of production and enables manufacturers to price the product competitively in international market.

Manufacturing management practices have undergone significant evolution during twentieth century. The culmination of these is the guiding principles of excellence in manufacturing, known as World Class Manufacturing.

The concern for improving performance continuously and rapidly in line with the increasing global competition is gathering momentum. Various performance measures provide clear insight into real problems and then; in turn help in correcting deviations, if present. If a system fails to give desirable results, then the fault is not with the culture or the level of technology or labour. It is due to ineffective and incorrect performance measures used. Hence, identification and definition of right type of performance measures are to be given the top most priority. World Class Manufacturing concept is of recent origin. Following are the attributes of the World Class Manufacturing that are aimed to fulfil the customer demands:

• Products with high quality.

• Products at competitive price.

• Products with several enhanced features.

• Products in a wider variety.

• Products delivered with shorter lead times.

• Products delivered on time.

• Products with flexibility in fulfilling demand.

The success of the company in the face of stiff competition is a direct consequence of its manufacturing function having a superior performance measurement system over its competitors. Under the World Class Manufacturing, the company”s products should have a specification closer to the customers needs than those made by any competitor. They should reach the customer error free; get delivered in a lead time faster than any other competitor and should always deliver at the promised due dates.


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