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MB0039 Q.1 As a part of top management team, how would you communicate to your shareholders about the company’s expansion plans?

As part of top management team, I will choose One-way, not face-to-face channels – All forms of written communication like – letters, reports etc. Written communication is largely one-way communication, since there is usually no instantaneous feedback between the sender and the receiver. It is also purely verbal, since non-verbal communication is not possible, in the absence of face-to-face contact. It lacks the personal
quality of face-to face communication, although it could be personalized to an extent in some forms such as letters.

The company’s expansion plans should always be of a highly formal nature, and the tone of the communication to be formal. So, here written communication is more appropriate than oral communication. This can be done through written letters or reports.

As expansion plan is one of the complicated ideas that require a lot of study and thought by the receiver, written communication is best.

The company’s expansion plans is a large amount of information, to convey this written communication is most suitable. It would be difficult to convey this through a lengthy oral presentation, since the speaker would be unable to command a captive audience for too long. The same is true of telephone communication, which should be kept brief. On the other hand, it is possible to include a number of details in a written report that the receiver can read and re-read, at leisure.

The written channel is also more appropriate when you wish to keep a permanent record of the company’s expansion plans.


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