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MB0048 - Q1. Outline the broad features of the Judgement phase and Research phase of the scientific method in OR. Discuss in detail any of these phases.

The scientific method in OR study generally involves the following three phases:
i) Judgment Phase: This phase consists of
a) Determination of the operation.
b) Establishment of the objectives and values related to the operation.
c) Determination of the suitable measures of effectiveness and
d) Formulation of the problems relative to the objectives.

ii) Research Phase: This phase utilizes
a) Operations and data collection for a better understanding of the problems.
b) Formulation of hypothesis and model.
c) Observation and experimentation to test the hypothesis on the basis of additional data.
d) Analysis of the available information and verification of the hypothesis using pre established measure of effectiveness.
e) Prediction of various results and consideration of alternative methods.

iii) Action Phase: It consists of making recommendations for the decision process by those who first posed the problem for consideration or by anyone in a position to make a decision, influencing the operation in which the problem is occurred.

Eg: Developing An Internet Marketing Campaign: Action Phase
With the foundation built, the internet marketing campaign plan is ready to be set into action.
After developing the Line of Attack, the internet marketing campaign plan is now ready to be put into action. Now is the time to build the site that will attract the Most Desired Customer (MDC). As described in "The Five Phases" article, the MDC is the person that will buy the product, click the link, provide the email address, or perform the action is defined by desired response outlined in the research phase.
The Action Phase is where the work gets done. It is here that the actual work begins. With the knowledge of how to attract the MDC, a site must be built to fulfill that knowledge. To do this it takes more than slapping a site together and just waiting. It takes a plan.
First a place must be designed for searchers to find for the internet marketing campaign to succeed. This can be a traditional website, a portal, a blog, or other presence located on the internet. The specifics can be different for each type of platform and the choice of which one to use will depend on the situation.
A website starts with a domain address and ends with content to attract the user. In between are techniques for attracting the MDC that have to do with the use of HTML and the styling of the website to make it easier for the search engine spiders and web-bots to traverse the site and index the content. These techniques are too complex to delve into in the course of an article like this and for many, may warrant the hiring of a specialist during the creation of the website. For the purpose of this article, the focus will be on the general nature of the site.


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