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1. Tabulate the events of Supply Chain Management evolution according to chronological dates starting from Ancient times to 2000 AD.

Evolution of Supply Chain Management
The concept of Supply Chain is as old as that of trade and can be traced back to 5000 years BC in India. All across the world, there are several indications of the concept of Supply Chain having existed for thousands of years.

However, the chronicled record of the practice of certain basic concepts of Supply Chain Management can be traced back to the industrial revolution in eighteenth century.

On the other hand, the above period is characterised by individual companys attempts to maximise the efficiency of their own businesses, at which many companies excelled.

Therefore, the relationships between different organisations that were interfacing with each other as supplier customer were very hostile, and genuine to what every organisation sought for turned out to be a WIN-LOSE situation, i.e. a customer would benefit at the cost of his supplier, or the supplier would gain at the cost of the customer.

The Toyota Production System, which is hailed as the second industrial revolution, started changing the situation, as the new attempts and practices in manufacturing were based on co-operation and collaboration between companies. With the advent of Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems organisations began evolving as an integrated and cohesive unit and the concept of Internal.

Supply Chain gained ground. Consequently, thereafter the interface in the markets was those of tightly integrated units dealing with other tightly integrated companies. The concept of Supply Chain Management was born and this evolved further. Thus, while the concept of Supply Chain is very old, the concept of Supply Chain Management is quite recent.


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