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Q.1 Explain National Health Planning in detail.

Since the inception of the planning process in the country, the successive Five Year Plans have been providing the framework within which the States may develop their health services infrastructure, facilities for medical education, research, etc. Similar guidance has sought to be provided through the discussions and conclusions arrived at in the Joint Conferences of the Central Councils of Health and Family, Welfare and the National Development Council. Besides,
Central legislation has been enacted to regulate standards of medical education, prevention of food adulteration, maintenance of standards in the manufacture and sale of certified drugs, etc.
While the broad approaches contained in the successive Plan documents and discussion in the forums referred above may have generally served the needs of the situation in the past, it is felt that an integrated, comprehensive approach towards the future development of medical education, research and health services requires to be established to serve the actual health needs and priorities of the country. It is in this context that the need has been felt to evolve a National Health Policy.

The Government of India is conscious of the need for dynamic Indian health planning and management. Innovative healthcare and development programs are the need of the hour. For this, major organizations like the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) have been established by the Health Ministry of India. The main areas to focus on in Health Planning have been laid down by the Ministry's National Health Policy. Some of them are mentioned below:

Disease control: More database needs to be collected in this regard in order to treat and prevent diseases.
Efficient doctors and nurses: To ensure minimum standards of Patient care.
Family medicine: Establishing more personnel for family healthcare.
Health research: Medical innovation and specialization is needed.
Increasing healthcare programs: To be implemented in various socioeconomic settings of different States of India.

Increasing public health infrastructure: More hospitals, outdoor medical facilities, medical equipments.

Low cost drugs and vaccines: Keeping in view of the possible globalization induced high costs.

Mental health: Need for increase in hospitals and professionals.

Women's health: Adequate access to public healthcare facilities is a necessity which in turn will improve family health as well.


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