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Q.1 Write short notes on a. McGregor’s theory b. Maslow’s Theory c. Precedence diagramming method Staffing Management Plan d. Dependency determination

a. McGregor’s theory :
McGregor’s Theory X and Y are appealing to managers and dramatically demonstrate the divergence in management viewpoints toward employees. As such, Theory X and Y have been extremely helpful in promoting management understanding of supervisory styles and employee motivational assumptions.
There are two aspects of McGregor’s Theory:

o X theory
o Y theory

X theory:
1. Employees normally do not like to work and will try to avoid it
2. Since employees do not like working, they have to be coerced, controlled, directed and threatened with punishment to motivate them to work
3. The average employee is lazy, shuns responsibility, is not ambitious, needs direction and principally desires security

Y theory:
1. Work is as natural as play and therefore people desire to work
2. Employees are responsible for accomplishing their own work objectives
3. Comparable personal rewards are important for employee commitment to achieve work goals
4. Under favorable conditions, the average employee will seek and accept responsibility
5. Employees can be innovative in solving organisational problems
6. Most organisations utilise only a small proportion of their employees' abilities

b. Maslow’s Theory :
The focus on human influences in organisations was reflected most noticeably by the integration of Abraham Maslow's "hierarchy of human needs" into organisation theory.
Maslow's theories have two important implications for organisation theory:

1. People have different needs and are therefore motivated by different incentives to achieve organisational objectives
2. People's needs change predictably over time, which means that – new needs arise as the needs of people lower in the hierarchy are met
The various levels of Maslow’s theory are:

c. Precedence diagramming method Staffing Management Plan :

It is an important output of the Human Resource planning process which establishes the timing and methods for meeting project Human Resource requirements. The components of the Staffing management plan are:
  • Staff acquisition – Staff acquisition describes how the project will be staffed, where the team will be working and the level of expertise needed.
  • Resource calendars – The resource calendars show the timeframes for the project team members either individually or collectively when resources are available for the project.
  • Release criteria – Release criteria lists the method and timing of releasing team member.
  • Training needs – Training needs is a plan which explains how to train the project team members. The plan also identifies the need of it.

  • Recognition and rewards – Recognition and rewards are the criteria for rewarding and promoting the desired team behaviors. To be more precise, recognition and rewards should be based on the activities performed by each person in a team.
  • Compliance – Compliance details the strategies for complying with regulations, contracts and Human Resources policies.
  • Safety – Safety procedures are listed to protect the team members. 


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