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Q.1 a. Explain zoning in the Operation Theatre complex. b. List out the various functions in hospitals?

Zoning concept should be incorporated while considering the functional criteria. The design should follow the function and not vice-versa. The OT complex may be grouped into the following zones from inside-out:

1. Ultra clean zone: This area covers 1meter around the operating site.

2. Sterile zone: This area covers the operating room/suite; scrub room; gowning area; sterile linen area.

3. Clean zone: This includes drug stores; sterile store; staffroom; anesthetist room; reception; premedication room.

4. Protective zone: These are the areas through which patients are wheeled into the OT; personnel movement; lifts; reception; waiting area; change room, all form part of this zone.

5. Disposal zone: This is the outermost zone and comprises of the dirty corridor around the OT complex. Soiled linen and unsterile instruments are taken out of the operating room through the hatch, and then moved out of the OT complex through this corridor.

According to the author Putsep, the area representing the site of incision is referred to as aseptic zone.


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