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Q.1 a. What are the limitations of MIS?

            Limitations of MIS
(1) MIS cannot replace managerial judgments in decision making. It is merely an effective tool for the managers in decision making and problem solving.
(2) The quality of output of MIS is directly proportional to the quality of input and processes.
(3) MIS cannot provide tailor made information packages. It is required to analyse the available information before decision making.
(4) In a fast changing and complex environment, MIS may not have enough flexibility to update itself quickly.
(5) MIS takes only quantitative factors into account.
(6) MIS is less useful for making non programmed decisions.
(7) MIS is less effective in organisations where information is not being shared with others.
(8) MIS is less effective due to frequent changes in top management, organisational structure and operational staff.


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