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Q2. Both Manufacturing, as well as service industries has experienced far-reaching impact on their operations because of ‘automation’. Explain with an example. Answer:

Both Manufacturing, as well as service industries has experienced farreaching impact on their operations because of „automation.

The initial disadvantages of high investments in automation are outweighed by not only lower manpower costs, but also by improved productivity, improved quality, reduced wastage and scrap, quicker response to customers and more frequent introduction of new products and services.

One of the examples of automation is Computer and Software Technology.
Computer applications and software have helped companies replace labourintensive processes such as payroll, billing, sales order processing, inventory control, etc. with computerised software.

Integrated ERP software systems facilitate real-time data and information to support decision making. However, competitive advantage resulting out of a companys automation does not last long since competitors invariably duplicate such innovations. At the same time, companies cannot avoid innovating since doing so renders them at a competitive disadvantage.

Continuous growth of service sector
In more recent times, there has been a sudden growth in service industries. It has far outstripped the growth of the manufacturing sector.

This fact is no indication of any appreciable decline in the manufacturing sector.

Rather, the steep growth in number of service industries reflects the fact that more and more service products are in demand, and much of this increased demand is generated by the manufacturing sector.

Hence, a strong and steady manufacturing sector is necessary for the growth of service sector.


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