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Q 2. Write advantages & disadvantages of the following a. Brainstorming b. Interview c. Consulting Experts d. Study project documentation e. Stakeholder analysis

Detection Method
– A lot of results in a short
– Risks are shared with others constantly
– Everyone does not speak
up freely in a group
– It is difficult to plan and
get everyone together
– In a face to face meeting
sensitive matters are revealed quicker
– Helps to involve people in risk management
– Requires lot of time
Consulting Experts
– Independent view on matters
– May have expertise not
available in the company
– Costs
– Sensitive information may
be disclosed
Study project documentation
– Old forgotten risks are often documented
– Insight in the working procedures of a project team
– Risks that have already
been solved may resurface
Stakeholder analysis
– Understanding the interests, attitudes and potential actions of stakeholders
– Access to stakeholders
– Finding an appropriate representative of interest groups.


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