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Q2. Explain the features of integrated service marketing

Features of Integrated Service Marketing
A service system is an organised set of objects, which process inputs into outputs that achieve an organisational purpose and meet the need of customers, through the use of human, physical, and informatics enablers in a sociological and physical environment. This definition is adapted from Nadler and Checkland 1981. A service system constitutes of the following nine interlinked classes of objects:

·         Customers: are those benefiting from the system or otherwise affected by it. For example, consider the person who gets his /her fabrics stitched from the tailor.

·         Goals: involves aims, purposes or central meaning of the system and the organisations. For example, generating regular profits for the bank in banking system.

·         Inputs: involve physical, human, financial, or information entities to be processed by the system. For example, the efforts of the staff and feed back from customers.

·         Outputs: involve physical, informational or human entities after processing by the system. For example, profit generated by the loan and increase in customers seeking a service.

·         Processes: involve transformations for obtaining outputs from inputs. For example, training service personnel for improving the quality of service by considering the feed back provided by customer.

·         Human enablers: are human resources owning and/or operating the system. For example, the working staff.

·         Physical enablers: are physical resources, which aid in operating the system. For example, money and human resources.
·         Informatics enablers: provide information and knowledge resources for supporting the system. For example, the support team who provide database of the customer and their credibility information.

·         Environment: involve physical, economic, technological, social, ecological or legal factors influencing the system. For example in the banking environment it involves the terms and conditions for the loan.

The points discussed are essential part of the integrated service marketing mix, as they are essential entities of the organisation. The integrated service marketing and focus on the development of the synergy between the company and customer. It mainly concentrates on three stakeholders in the business that is, employee, customer, and management. Integrated service marketing is adapted to work towards the development of a cultural and systemic integration of the brand value, efficient manpower, and effective communication channel within the whole organisation.

The key features of the integrated service marketing, which are as follows:
·         Focuses on the whole organisation rather than on some functional units of the organisation.

·         Considers customer as the core of this approach and hence it is a customer oriented system.

·         Emphasis more on the quality of the service and continuous enhancement of the service quality.

·         Gives more importance to the communication between the company and customer.


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