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Q2. Explain Version Control & Change Control.

Version Control
A number of configuration objects are created during the software process.The changes resulting because of the process specification changes and the tools are held together and combined into a single version control number.
Clemm describes version control in the context of SCM as – Configuration management allows a user to specify alternative configurations of the software system through the selection of appropriate versions. This is supported by associating attributes with version number and allowing a configuration to be specified by describing the set of desired attributes.

Change Control
The change control in software engineering context as per James Bach is:
Change control is vital. But the forces that make it necessary also make it annoying. We worry about change because a tiny perturbation in the code can create a big failure in the product. But it can also fix a big failure or enable wonderful new capabilities. We worry about change because a single rogue developer could sink the project; yet brilliant ideas originate in the minds of those rogues, and a burdensome change control process could effectively discourage them from doing creative work.


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