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solved assignments semester 4 Q. What are the differences between quality control and quality assurance?

Answer: Quality Control Vs Quality Assurances
In order to manage quality on a project, the quality expectations of the customer has to be understood first and a proactive plan has to be put in place to meet those requirements. Quality control and quality assurance are the two important elements of the proactive plan.
 Quality control is done at the end of a process or activity to ensure that quality standards have been met.
Quality control by itself does not provide quality, although it may identify problems and suggest ways to improve it. In contrast, quality assurance is a systematic approach to obtain quality standards. Quality assurance must be planned right from the earliest stages of a project, with appropriate measures taken at every stage. Unfortunately far too many development projects are implemented with no quality assurance plan, and these projects often fail to meet quality expectations of the donor and beneficiaries. To avoid problem the project must be able to demonstrate the consistent compliance with the quality requirements for the project.

Quality control activities are focused on the deliverable only – whether the product conforms to the expectation. Quality assurance activities are focused on the process used to create the deliverable – this process begins at the development of product. They are both powerful techniques and both must be performed to ensure that the deliverables meet your customers quality requirements.


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