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SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS SEMESTER 4 Q.2 Explain service quality concept. Evaluate the growth of services marketing.

Answer: Service marketing is applied in various ways by the marketing experts in various organisations. The concepts of services marketing include service quality, servicescape, internal marketing and augmented service offering.

Service quality
This is the most important concept of services marketing and is regarded as vague and difficult
to measure. It can be referred to as external quality and is a client-oriented concept. It indicates the customer satisfaction, which is again associated with success, productivity, and efficiency of the organisation. Thus, providing service quality is regarded as an important tool. As per studies conducted by experts like Gronroos, there is technical quality and functional quality. Technical quality is the result of an interaction within an organisation. For example, it can be the result of having a meal. Functional quality includes characteristics such as accessibility, reliability, empathy and responsiveness. It is based on the achievement or excellence of the service processes. Service quality also includes perceived service quality, which is not only based on the actual experiences, but also as one that makes an impact on the perception of quality.

Growth in Services Marketing
In services marketing, services are described by features such as intangibility, heterogeneity and inseparability. It is impossible to separate it from the production and consumption and stock it for future usage. Though critics of services marketing have argued that marketing of goods and services are not different, people who do research on services marketing have defended its existence with its argument regarding the uniqueness of services. Services marketing have also carved a place for itself as sub field of marketing. It is also said that services marketing has played a prominent role in the development of marketing and have left some concepts that can be implemented in the conventional marketing. The differences between the goods and services are getting vanished and the perspective of services is becoming dominant. As a result, services are becoming the main focus of mainstream marketing.

The focus on services introduces a new viewpoint that changes the fundamental rules of marketing. The process nature of services is the most important characteristics in services marketing. They are developed in a process where the consumers cooperate with the production resources of the service firm. As the basis for the production and consumption of the physical products are changing rapidly, the fundamental rules for services marketing is also changing. The entire production process is done in the presence of the customers with the advent of mass customisation and modular production. The consumption process changes into process consumption and the focal area of marketing becomes balancing the gap between consumption and production process.

The significance of services marketing has gone far beyond the traditional service sector or service industries. The relationship marketing has also developed emphasising the role of services, manufacturers and service firms alike.


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