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SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS SEMESTER 4 Q.2 Explain why the three segments of the very young, the working women and the elders need different advertising strategies now.

Answer: Demographic changes are just basic factors that influence advertising. The influences of consumer groups or segments, the type of segments, their behaviour, attitude changes, buying patters, consumption style, aspirations, the amount of disposable income in hand, their choices – all these factors will definitely have an impact on advertising, advertising budget, message structure, media vehicle used so on. The consumer and
his/her buying decisions will make industries more competitive in order to grab their share of the market. Let us see what type of newer consumer segments are evolving. These consumer groups may go through several transition phases that involve their psychological, behavioural, economical and environmental factors.

Confident youth

Aware of the decision taking power in the hands of very young people, companies and advertisers pamper them by creating commercials directed at them. For consumer durables, ready-to-eat food items,branded clothes, startlingly expensive electronics and entertainment equipment, music, computer games,etc. it is the young people who occupy the mind of the art directors of advertising agencies.

Parents now accept their children’s choice even in the products which really have nothing much to do with children, such as cars, holidays, computers and electronic equipment. Fathers are no longer the feared patriarchs and feel the pressure to provide the luxuries advertised on Cartoon Networks, even though they know that children are highly selfish, pleasure seeking, irresponsible and inexperienced in both products or brand selection and decision making.

It triggers severe imbalance in family equations and sociologist feel it is creating a whole generation of selfish kids who will become equally selfish adults. But this social development is here to stay now and advertising has adjusted to it rapidly.

Assertive working women
A joint study in 2008 by Nasscom and Mercer found that 30-35% of Indian workforce is women, among the highest in the world. Only 20% of them are in urban areas. There are more women engineers, doctors, pilots and professionals now. They earn well, retain at least partial control over their personal income and take their own decisions about savings, investments and financial planning. The ‘working women – unhappy home’ cliché is fading and they are a social and economic force in their own rights. They now have the freedom to succeed and spend.

This is the glamorous side. Majority of Indian women are still economically dependant, socially inferior and controlled by the family. Yet, even at that level, rebellion is in action and they are increasingly assertive, with which comes independent and assertive buyers.

Many earn more than their husbands. They control the purchase of family necessities as well as luxuries like cars, insurance, retirement plans, expensive holidays and properties. More and more young women stay single longer and are consumers of these categories in their own rights and for their own needs. The providers of these services and products, ranging from special bank loan schemes for women to cover marriage to jewellery, orchid pink coloured light-weight scooters, special health insurance, all-women group holidays abroad, slim long cigarettes to look great in delicate feminine hands which unfortunately crashed, all the way to women’s special buses in peak office time are rapidly adjusting to it.

They are actually creating these special products for women of independent means and doing highly focused and narrow-targeted advertising. The percentage of women who really want to remain homemakers is falling rapidly.

All these are advertised products and services, and they need different treatment of the buyer. These women are no whimpering helpless dependants but strong confident people who can take their own decisions, pay for their purchases and expect to be kept informed correctly by advertising and promotions.


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