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MB0045-Q2. Explain the factors affecting Financial Plan.

  • Nature of the industry:  The very first factor affecting the financial plan is the nature of the industry. Here, we must check whether the industry is a capital intensive or labour intensive industry. This will have a major impact on the total assets that a firm owns.
  • Size of the company: The size of the company greatly influences the availability of funds from different sources. A small company normally finds it difficult to raise funds from long term sources at competitive terms. On the other hand, large companies like Reliance enjoy the privilege of obtaining funds both short term and long term at attractive rates
  • Status of the company in the industry: A well established company enjoys a good market share, for its products normally commands investors confidence. Such a company can tap the capital market for raising funds in competitive terms for implementing new projects to exploit the new opportunities emerging from changing business environment 
  • Sources of finance available: Sources of finance could be grouped into debt and equity. Debt is cheap but risky whereas equity is costly. A firm should aim at optimum capital structure that would achieve the least cost capital structure. A large firm with a diversified product mix may manage higher quantum of debt because the firm may manage higher financial risk with a lower business risk. Selection of sources of finance is closely linked to the firms capability to manage the risk exposure.

  • The capital structure of a company

The capital structure of a company is influenced by the desire of the existing management (promoters) of the company to retain control over the affairs of the company. The promoters who do not like to lose their grip over the affairs of the company normally obtain extra funds for growth by issuing preference shares and debentures to outsiders.

  • Matching the sources with utilisation

The prudent policy of any good financial plan is to match the term of the source with the term of the investment. To finance fluctuating working capital needs, the firm resorts to short term finance. All fixed asset – investments are to be financed by long term sources, which is a cardinal principle of financial planning.

  • Flexibility

The financial plan of a company should possess flexibility so as to effect changes in the composition of capital structure whenever need arises. If the capital structure of a company is flexible, there will not be any difficulty in changing the sources of funds. This factor has become a significant one today because of the globalisation of capital market.

  • Government policy

SEBI guidelines, finance ministry circulars, various clauses of Standard Listing Agreement and regulatory mechanism imposed by FEMA and Department of corporate affairs (Govt. of India) influence the financial plans of corporates today. Management of public issues of shares demands the compliances with many statues in India. They are to be complied with a time constraint.


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