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MB0048 - Q2. a. Discuss the methodology of Operations Research.

Answer: The scientific method in OR study generally involves the following three phases.
 1. Judgment Phase: This phase includes the following activities:
a) Determination of the operations
b) Establishment of the objectives and values related to the operations
c) Determination of the suitable measures of effectiveness
d) Formulation of the problems relative to the objectives
 2. Research Phase: This phase utilises the following methodologies:

a) Operations and data collection for a better understanding of the problems
b) Formulation of hypothesis and model
c) Observation and experimentation to test the hypothesis on the basis of additional data
d) Analysis of the available information and verification of the hypothesis using pre-established measure of effectiveness
e) Prediction of various results and consideration of alternative methods

3. Action Phase: The action phase involves making recommendations for the decision process. The recommendations can be made by those who identified and presented the problem or anyone who influences the operation in which the problem has occurred.


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