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mb0049- Q1. Discuss the various steps of PMIS planning.

Answer: a) The identification process – The main steps in the identification process of any project are:
i) Identifying initial requirements
ii) Validating them against the project objective
iii) Identifying the criteria such as quality objectives and quantitative requirements for assessing the success of
both the final product and the process used to create it
iv) Identifying the framework of the solution
v) Preparing a template of the frame work of solution to illustrate the project feasibility
vi) Preparing relevant charts to demonstrate the techniques of executing the project and its different stages
vii) Preparing a proper project schema of achieving the defined business requirements for the project
viii) Identifying training requirement
ix) Making a list of the training program necessary for the personnel working on the project
x) Identifying the training needs of the individuals working in various functions responsible in the project
xi) Preparing a training plan and a training calendar
xii) Assessing the capabilities and skills of all those identified as part of the project organisation

b) The review Process – The main steps in the review process of any project are:
i) Establishing a training plan to acquaint the project team members with the methodologies, technologies and business areas under study ii) Updating the project schedule to accommodate scheduled training activities iii) Identifying the needs for review and reviewing the project scope iv) Reviewing a project with respect to its stages and progress by preparing a plan for the review, fixing an agenda to review the project progress and keeping the reports ready for discussion about stage performance v) Reviewing the project scope, the objective statement, the non conformances in the project stages and identifying the need to use the project plan vi) Preparing a proper project plan indicating all the requirements from start to finish of the project and also at every stage of the project vii) Preparing a checklist of items to be monitored and controlled during the course of execution of the project
 c) The analysis process – The main steps in the analysis process of any project are: i) Comparing the actual details with that in the plan with reference to project stages. ii) Measuring various components of the project and its stages frequently to control the project from deviating and also monitor the performance. iii) Deciding how the task, the effort and the defects are to be tracked, what tools to be used, what reporting structure and frequency will be followed at various stages. iv) Identifying the preventive and corrective steps to be taken in case of any variance v) Performing root cause analysis for all problems encountered. If all the above steps are performed, scoping and planning become effective and the ideal outcome are achieved. 


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