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solved assignments of Q Write a note on Process Maturity Model.

Answer: Process Maturity Models
 Level 1 – Initial or Ad Hoc Level 1 is the initial stage in the project management where the processes at this level are not documented and are subject to various changes. This creates an unsteady environment for the processes. As this stage provides unstable environment the products produced always exceeds the expected budget. At this level, you may not have clear understanding of management techniques and process. There will not be any internal experience in executing risk management. The high level management in such a state will not be approachable to anyone. Organisation at this level might not be committed to quality and may lack professionalism.

Level 2 – repeatable At level 2 some project management processes are repeated with consistent results. This level has many different processes which includes risks management process. Some basic processes are developed to track cost and schedule. However, this level has risks of exceeding the estimated cost or time. This level ensures that the existing processes are available during times of project related risk.

Level 3 defined
At level 3, processes are defined and documented to establish standard processes. These standard processes are used to maintain consistency in process performance as well as develop process objectives and ensure that these objectives are met without any risks.
Level 4 managed
Level 4 collects the information on the processes and measures its quality.
The measurement of quality is important and if not done then there are chances to move down the maturity model framework and drop into the lower level. This process use statistical and other quantitative techniques to measure the quality of all the project processes.
Level 5 optimised
Level 5 focuses on constant analyses and improvement in process performance through new and improved technologies.


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