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Fall 2013 smu solution of OM0015 Q1. Explain how breakdown, corrective and remedial maintenance contributes to the maintenance management of an organization.

Answer: Maintenance management: The maintenance management is concerned with the direction and pooling of all internal resources to control the availability and  performance of the plants and machineries at expected levels. It is a systematic approach for planning the maintenance activities and using tools, techniques, and approaches to improve the overall efficiency of the
entire operating system. 

Objectives of maintenance management:
1)    Reduces the loss of productive time to the minimum.
2)    Minimizes repair time and cost.
3)    Minimizes loss due to production stoppages.
4)    Provides effective and efficient use of maintenance personnel through proper planning.
5)    Extends the life of costly capital assets by minimising the rate of wear and tear.
6)    Keeps all productive assets and its related aggregates in good working condition.
7)    Maximizes economy through optimum use of resources and facilities.
8)    Minimizes accidents through proper maintenance of all safety devices.
9)    Ensures and minimizes the total cost of maintenance through good control over cost of repair, inventory carrying costs, and so on.
10) Improves the quality of productive assets for higher productivity.

Steps involved
Ø  Understand the current maintenance process or processes.
Ø  Determine whether the current process is the process that suits the task.
Ø  Process improvement actions to be listed.
Ø  Planning action to perform the required tasks.
Ø  Commit resources to execute the task as per the time frame.

Break down or corrective or remedial maintenance
Breakdown Maintenance is the method of operating the machines to run until they fail and then repair in order to restore them to an acceptable condition. Planned repair or rectifying the problem is carried out when it is more convenient and cost effective. This method is also called as „on-failure maintenance or corrective maintenance. It is carried out when an item has failed or worn out, to bring it back to working order. Corrective maintenance is carried out on all items where, failure or wearing out is not significant and the cost is not greater than preventative maintenance.

The maintenance as an activity has become a fundamental requirement for keeping up the productive resources and their systems in good running conditions and make them available for production throughout their useful life. Maintenance broadly categorised to preventive, predictive, and remedial types are used by the maintenance management depending on the operational requirements. Reliability centred maintenance management also focuses on improving the performance of the system.


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