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smu assignments answer of PM 0015 Q1. Discuss PERT technique of project planning.

Answer: is a network model allowing randomness in activity completion times. PERT was developed in the late 1950’s for the U.S. Navy’s Polaris Missile Project. This project involved thousands of contractors supplying different accessories for the missile. PERT technique was used in order to manage the resources in an optimum manner and also reduce the time and cost required to
complete the whole project.
PERT originally was an activity on arc network, in which the activities are represented on the lines and
milestones on the nodes.
Steps in the PERT Planning Process
PERT planning involves the following steps –
1.    Identification of the specific activities and the milestones
2.    Determination of the proper sequence of the activities
3.    Construction of a network diagram
4.    Estimation of the time required for each activity
5.    Determination of the critical path
6.    Updating of the PERT chart as the project progresses

1. Identification of the Specific Activities and Milestones the activities are the tasks that are required to be completed in the project. The milestones include the events marking the beginning and the end of one or more activities.
2. Determination of the Activity Sequence This step may be combined with the activity in the identification step since the activity sequence is evident for some tasks.
3. Construction of the Network Diagram Using the activity sequence information, a network diagram can be drawn showing the sequence of the serial and parallel activities.
4. Estimation of the Activity Times Weeks or days are commonly used unit of time for activity completion, but any consistent unit of time can be used. A distinguishing feature of PERT is its ability to deal with uncertainty in activity completion times.

5. Determination of the Critical Path The critical path is determined by adding the times for the activities in each sequence and determining the longest path in the project. 


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