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smu bba solved assignments of BBA201 Q1. Research is an orderly approach towards purposeful investigation. Explain the various steps involved in a research process.

AnswerMeaning of Research: Research is the orderly approach towards purposeful investigation. Thus the term research needs formulating a hypothesis, collection of data on relevant variables, analysing and interpreting the result and reacting conclusions, either in the form of an explanation or certain generalizations. It can also be called an academic activity and
a systematised attempt to gain new knowledge.
Research in ordinary man’s language refers to “search for knowledge”. It can also be defined as an “art of scientific investigation”. It is also a systematic design, compilation analysis and the reporting the findings and solutions for the marketing problems of a company.

Steps in The Research process: 
·         Identify the Research Problem
·         Categorize the Methodology
·         Finalising Research Plan
·         Designing a Research 

1 Identify the Research Problem
A research problem refers to some difficulty, which an organisation faces and wishes to obtain a solution for.
While undertaking research, defining the problem is very vital because “problem clearly stated is half solved”. This shows how significant it is to “identify the problem correctly”. While defining the difficulty, it should be noted that the explanation should be unambiguous. If the problem defining is ambiguous, then the researcher will not know “what data is to be collected or what technique is to be used” etc.
Example for ambiguous definition: “Find out why the production in Tamilnadu is much higher than in India”? You have to recognize, here questions like what? Which? And when have no answers. Example for unambiguous definition: What are the factors accountable for increased labour productivity in Korean textiles modern industries during 2006-07 relative to Indian textile industries?

2 Categorize the Methodology
You have to understand that this is next to the process of identifying the actual research problem.
This involves gathering data, use of statistical techniques, interpretations and drawing conclusions about the research data. It is a blueprint which is followed in “the earlier process” to complete the study. It is similar to a builder’s blue-print for building a house.

3 Finalising Research Plan
This is one of the significant ladders in marketing research. It helps to achieve the proper objective of the study. 


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