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smu mba assignment help of PM0010 1. Summarise the project management processes involved in the monitoring and control process group.

ANSWERMonitoring and Control Process Group
 The monitoring and control process group consists of processes performed to observe project execution so that potential problems are identified in a timely manner and corrective actions are taken when necessary. These processes measure performance and compare with the performance deliverables planned, thus identifying variances from the project management

Monitor and Control Project Work: This process collects measures and disseminates performance information. Monitoring work includes status reporting, progress measurement and forecasting. The aim of the process is to recommend corrective actions by comparing actual performance with project management plan and assessing the variances.

Integrated Change Control: This is an overall control process for influencing the factors that create changes, so as to make sure that the changes are advantageous.

Scope Verification: This process obtains stakeholders’ approval of the completed project scope and associated deliverables. Scope verification is primarily concerned with the acceptance of the deliverables. The main inputs are the WBS dictionary and deliverables produced by the ‘Direct and Manage project execution’ process.

Scope Control: This process influences factors that create project scope changes and controls the impact of those changes.

Schedule Control: This process influences the factors that create schedule changes, by determining whether there is a change in project schedule and manages the actual changes as they occur. It is a portion of the integrated change control process.

Cost Control: This process influences the factors that create changes to the cost baseline, ensures that requested changes are agreed upon, and manages the actual changes.
Perform Quality Control: This process monitors specific project results to determine whether they comply with relevant quality standards and identifies ways to eliminate causes for unsatisfactory performance.

Manage Project Team: This process tracks and appraises team member performance. The main inputs are organisation’s policies/procedures for rewarding employees, staffing management plan, roles and responsibilities and work performance information. The tools and techniques used are observation and conversation, conflict resolution, performance appraisals and counselling.

Performance Reporting: This process involves collection and dissemination of performance information to stakeholders. The performance information covers scope, schedule, cost, quality, risk and procurement.

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