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smu solved assignments of MB0039 Q1. Nonverbal communication is ambiguous. Explain the statement with example. Also discuss in brief the types of non-verbal communication.

Answer: non-verbal communication is not always clear and easy to understand. Non-verbal communication is ambiguous While precise words can be used in verbal communication to ensure that the message is clearly understood.
For example, sitting back in a relaxed posture may be a signal of boredom or fatigue. Similarly, avoiding eye contact with your audience could mean that either you are nervous or
guilty of something. Therefore it is not possible to accurately understand the messages conveyed by non-verbal behavior.

There is a common misconception that non-verbal communication is synonymous with body language and includes only body language. The fact is that it is a vast area which has been widely researched and includes several aspects. 

Kinesics is the most often studied and important area of non-verbal communication and refers to body movements of any kind. Different body movements can express inner states of emotion.

Haptics refers to communication through touch. We can use touch to communicate affection, assurance, familiarity, comfort, sympathy and other emotions. Touching can also be interpreted as an assault. Hence, we must use touch as a communication tool carefully.

Proxemics is derived from the word ‘proximity’ or closeness and is the communication term for personal space and distance. The space and distance which we choose to keep from people is also part of non-verbal communication.

Chronemics refers to the study of usage of time. This includes our attitudes towards punctuality and willingness to wait. It also deals with the manner in which we structure our time and interactions. Perception of importance of time varies between individuals and cultures.


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