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smu solved assignments of MU0010 Q1. Define the term ‘manpower planning’. Explain the need for manpower planning. What are the advantages of manpower planning?

Manpower planning: Effective manpower planning helps in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. Effectiveness of Manpower planning is to hiring the right number of people at the right place and at the right time for doing the right things. 
According to K. F. Turkman manpower planning can be defined as an attempt to match the supply of people with the jobs available in an organization.
Need for Manpower Planning
The shortage of certain categories of employees and/or variety of skills despite the problem of unemployment. The rapid change in technology, marketing, management etc. and the consequent need for new skills and new categories of employees. The changes in organization design and structure affecting manpower demand. The demographic changes like the changing profile of the workforce in terms of age, sex education etc. The Govt. policies in respect to reservation, child labor, working conditions etc.Every business requires investments of funds. The art of maximizing returns from such investments within the framework of law and ethics requires that the right numbers of people are available for the open positions at the right time, at the right place with the right competencies, attitude and values for doing the right things.
If organisation does not achieve the goals and objectives planned, it will not be able to generate the returns promised by the management of the company to be given away to its shareholders or directors or investors. If the business is not able to build and maintain its credibility with various stakeholders, the business starts to fail. Similarly if the business needs 1000 people and your business is always overstaffed by 300 people then the cost of the additional manpower, the infrastructure cost for the additional manpower and management costs for the additional manpower eats away into the profitability of the business, hence the need for manpower planning.
Advantages of Manpower Planning
1)      Manpower planning helps the organizations in utilizing human resources better through effective planning and timely execution.
2)      It assists the organization in anticipating the future trends in the demand for and supply of labour. It replaces haphazard and thumb rule approaches towards human resource management with a well-planned, systematic and scientific approach.
3)      It helps the organization in determining the career growth of each employee in a systematic manner.
It helps the organization in creating and maintaining a satisfied, well-trained and skillful workforce.


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