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sikkim manipal university assignments BBA201 - RESEARCH METHODS Q1. Briefly describe the different steps involved in a research process. What are the characteristics of good research?

AnswerSteps in Research process are:

  • Topic Research & Proposal Preparation, 
  • Research Methods and Design
  • Literature Review
  • Data collections
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Complete Dissertation & Research Reports

The formulation of hypothesis or propositions that may be possible answers to research questions is an important step in the research process of formulating the research problem. Keen observation, creative thinking, hunch, wit, imagination, vision, insight and sound judgement are very important in setting up reasonable hypothesis, not to mention a thorough knowledge of the phenomenon and related fields. The formulation of hypothesis plays an important part in the growth of knowledge in every science. The second step is to define concepts used in the hypothesis. Some concepts represent facts: others like attitude can only be inferred. But the definition of concepts should be done in abstract terms to link the results of the study to the existing body of knowledge. The third step is to establish working definitions relating to the topic. This enables the researcher to translate the concepts into observable events to carry out the enquiry.

The next step is the data collection and analysis of data. Once the topic has been decided upon and working definitions established, the researcher has to choose his research tools – i.e., the appropriate methods of collecting data based on the requirements. The methods may be observations, surveys, interviews or historical documentary methods. Finally, the results of the study have to be related to existing theories or concepts either to confirm them or to demolish them in the light of the study undertaken in the form of conclusions.


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