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sikkim manipal university assignments answer MI0033: SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Q1. Waterfall Model, V-Model and Spiral Model are of the software development processes. Companies are using these models to have a systematic and defined approach in software development. Which of the four phases are involved in the software development process?

Answer: Project management is the first phase in the software engineering process. It is generally called as a layer and not as an activity or step, as it covers the entire software development process from the beginning to the end.

The project management process is generally driven by the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) and is based on a series of several small tasks which are executed depending on the requirement.

Initiation phase

It is the first phase of a project life cycle, and we can also call it as the “Initiation Phase”. It contains the information related to the requirements of a software project. This is the most important stage, as it brings out the scope of the project.

Planning and estimation phase

This is the second phase of project management process. In this phase, a project team which was appointed in the initiation stage, plans for the next phase and sets up a clear picture to
implement and achieve the goals set for the project. We consider the objectives and the scope of a project in the phase of planning. We can make estimations of a project on the basis of past experiences on a project. For this, we can compare the new and the old project, and if they appear similar, then the new project is more likely to have the same calendar days, effort hours and cost as the old project. Then, we analyse the cost of the entire project and the time required to complete the task along with the human resources involved. If we do not complete the planning phase in an appropriate manner, the chance of project failure becomes more.

Scheduling and tracking phase

After the planning and estimating a project, we will now discuss the next phase of project management process, namely, ‘Scheduling’. Every software project has a schedule. A scheduled start time and a scheduled end time to which we must adhere, in order to achieve targets. It also involves in budgeting for the project. Goals are set for the project teams to achieve their targets on time. When a project is identified, its various interdependent tasks are also made note and a schedule is fixed for each of them.


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