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edunxt smu assignments solved QM0010 FOUNDATION OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT Q1. Explain the approaches and dimensions to Quality. Discuss Jurans’s views on Quality.

Answer: a. David. C. Garvin, Harvard Business School professor has identified several approaches to Quality in his book “Managing Quality”. Each of the approaches has different implications for Quality control and improvement.
He has presented five approaches to Quality and relates them to the eight dimensions of Quality.

Five Approaches to Quality:
A. Transcendent Approach: Quality is recognized through learning and experience defined in terms of innate excellence.
B. Product – Based Approach: Quality is precise and measurable; it can be ranked on various attributes and is an inherent part of the product.
C. User – Based Approach: Quality reflects personal, idiosyncratic view, reflected in customer demand curves in marketing; quality is the ideal combination of attributes for maximizing consumer satisfaction.
D. Manufacturing – Based Approach: Focus on engineering and manufacturing practices; quality is defined as conformance to specifications; reduce costs by reducing the number of deviations E. Value – Based Approach: Quality is defined as performance or conformance at
an acceptable cost; this is the notion of “affordable excellence”.

Eight Dimensions of Quality:
1. Performance: Primary operating characteristics; combines product and user – based approach relationship between performance and quality reflects individual reactions to objective characteristics.
2. Features: Characteristics that is secondary to basic functioning.
3. Reliability: Probability of the product failing within a given time period. Relevant to the mission critical products and consumer durable goods.
4. Conformance: Degree or the extent to which the design and operating characteristics match the specifications.
5. Durability: Measure of product life; technically, as the amount of use before it deteriorates.
6. Serviceability: The speed and the ease of repair in case the product fails during operation.
7. Aesthetics: Subjective assessment of look and feel; reflects the individual preferences
8. Perceived Quality: Indirect measures of Quality such as brand name, image.


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