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sikkim manipal university solved mba assignments MB0043 –Human Resource Management Q1. What do you mean by Human Resource Management? Describe the functions of Human Resource Management.

Answer: Human Resource Management involves all management decisions and practices that directly affect or influence the people or Human resources who work for the organization.

The concept of human resources entails:
  • ·         Total knowledge
  • ·         Skills
  • ·         Creative abilities
  • ·         Talents
  • ·         Aptitudes of an organisation’s workforce
  • ·         Values
  • ·         Attitudes
  • ·         Belief of the individuals involved 

A human resource manager has to build an effective workforce, handle the expectations of the employees and ensure that they perform at their best. He or she also has to take into account
the firm’s responsibilities to the society that it operates in.

The functions of Human Resource Management:  Human resource management involves blending the traditional administrative functions along with the changing concepts of employee welfare in the organisation. Organisations now regard employees as a precious resource and spend more efforts to retain them. Human resource managers are involved right from identifying potential candidates for jobs to their separation from the organisation.

Organisational performance depends directly on how efficiently and effectively the HR department functions. It is the quality of the human resources available to the organisation that primarily determines the quality of the products and services produced by the organisation. The HR personnel are the key link between the top management and the employees.

Below figure depicts the major functions that an HR manager has to carry out in any organisation. The extent of activities carried out by the HR is dependent on the size and scope of the organisation, the nature of operations and the attitude of management towards the employees.


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