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smu solved assignments MB0040 - STATISTICS FOR MANAGEMENT Q1 Distinguish between Classification and Tabulation. Explain the structure and components of a Table with an example.

Classification is the process of arranging data into sequences and groups according to their common characteristics or separating them into different but related parts.

Tabulation is a systematic arrangement of classified data in rows and columns. For the representation of data in diagrams, we use different types of diagrams such as one-
dimensional, two-dimensional and three dimensional diagrams.

Basic differences between classification and tabulation:
It is the basis for tabulation
It is the basis for further analysis
It is the basis for simplification
It is the basis for presentation
Data is divided into groups and subgroups
on the basis of similarities and dissimilarities.
Data is listed according to a logical sequence of related characteristics

Structure and Components of a Table: Below Table and figure depict the parts of a table along with the explanation of each tab (tabs from 1 to 10).


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