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smu solved assignments MU0010: MANPOWER PLANNING & RESOURCING Q1. What do you mean by Manpower Planning? Describe the various stages & obstacles involved in Manpower Planning.

Answer: Manpower planning can be defined as an attempt to match the supply of people with the jobs available in an organization. Statistical techniques have been used to match the supply of people with the jobs available.

The 5 steps in the manpower planning process are:
 Evaluate Present Manpower Inventory
 It is very important to evaluate the present manpower status before making a forecast for future manpower planning. To evaluate the present manpower status a department by department analysis and a job-role by job-role analysis is conducted to arrive at the required manpower
versus the available manpower.

Manpower Forecasting

Manpower planning is done based on the manpower forecasts. The common manpower forecasting techniques are:
(i) Expert Forecasts: This includes formal expert surveys, informal decisions and the Delphi technique.
(ii) Trend Analysis: Manpower needs can be seen through the past practice of the firm or organization keeping the principle year as a basis and a central tendency of measure.

Develop a Manpower Sourcing Plan or Retrenchment Plan

Once the current inventory is compared with the future manpower forecasts then the manpower sourcing or retrenchment plan is drawn.

Manpower Allocation & Retention

Manpower allocation helps in managing the impact of deficits and excess in manpower supply through promotions, transfers and job-rotations. Enhancing manpower utilization requires managing the dynamics of leadership and motivation.

Building Requisite Competencies
Once the future manpower forecasts are compared to the current inventory, there may be some gaps in competencies amongst the available internal resources for them to qualify for the future manpower forecasts.

Obstacles in Manpower Planning
The major obstacles in manpower planning are as follows:

Non Optimal Utilization of Manpower
The biggest obstacle for manpower planning is the fact that organizations cannot optimally use their manpower once manpower planning begins. During manpower planning, the number of resources required for a job is decided based on the total work load, the process to be followed and the criticality of the job.

Every organization has witnessed an increase in absenteeism. This has lead to errors creeping in the manpower planning exercise. If the plan stated that 4 employees are required to manage the total workload, increased degree of absenteeism leads to the partial failure of the manpower planning exercise.

Lack of Employable Labor
People are not employable. The slow pace of acquiring business required competencies by people at large also result in low employee productivity. All manpower planning is done basis a certain productivity level considered as a benchmark. 


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