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solved mba assignments OM0015: MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT - Q1. Write a note on preventive maintenance.

Answer: Preventive Maintenance (PM) is based on the idea “Prevention is better than cure”. PM is a regularly scheduled maintenance activity, with an objective to anticipate problems and correct them before they occur. PM is carried out and normally programmed, to prevent an item failing or wearing out by:
 ·         Providing systematic inspection.
·         Using recommended grades of oil.
·         Periodical lubrication and cleaning.
·         Detecting and preventing incipient failure.

PM is carried out on those items where a failure would result in expensive consequences. For
example, lifts, fire alarms, electricity supply, battery back up at sub-station, sub-station transformers, distribution transformers, circuit breakers, isolators, and so on.

Routine and planned maintenance includes PM actions, which could be grouped as:

Fixed-time maintenance: Here maintenance actions are carried out at regular intervals (calendar time). For example, maintenance actions like item replacement, repair and major overhaul.
Condition-based maintenance: This maintenance action is explained below in the further sub heading.

Opportunity maintenance: Here for example: an opportune time to take up the task of repair or reconditioning may arise on those machines, where the work load is not there for that day or product produced on that machine is rejected.

Preventive maintenance is specifically designed for taking action to prevent or at least to minimise the failures or breakdowns, whereas, corrective maintenance is carried out to repair the equipment after fault occurs or breakdown happens.

Preventive maintenance program is planned in such a way that it controls the repair costs during the overall life of the equipment, where as in corrective maintenance brings back to the original life depending on the extent of damage the earlier breakdown has brought into the equipment.


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