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MB0044 Q1. Write short notes on: • Outsourcing strategies for capital productivity • Implementation of operations • Basic competitive priorities • Market survey method of forecasting

Outsourcing strategies for capital productivity: When capacity requirements are determined, it is easy to figure out whether some goods or services can be outsourced. Outsourcing can reduce the capital and manpower requirements. Also, the available capacities can be used to augment the core competencies thus reducing the cost of the product or service to the customer. Further, outsourcing also helps in improved product design and even enables better networking and collaborations. However, lack of expertise,
quality considerations, nature of demand, and cost factors may restrict outsourcing.

Implementation of operations: Implementation is the process of executing the planned operations. When planning and controlling functions are put together, we call it as

Implementation of Operations. The planning is the process of estimating, routing, and scheduling. The controlling functions are conducted while the manufacturing is going on, like dispatching and expediting. Figure depicts the implementation of operations.

Market survey method of forecasting:
Conducting surveys among the prospective buyers or users is a very old method of forecasting. Here, a questionnaire is prepared and circulated among the people and their responses are obtained. The responses are collated and analysed to reveal possible clues towards acceptance or otherwise about a new product or service. Based on the overall decision, the forecasting is done. This method is typically done for new products or at new places where a product is to be launched. In this method, the number of respondents and how responses are gathered like through oral interviews, personal talks, internet based, postal ballots, etc, have to be established before survey. The common limitations are the sample size and the way of drawing the sample like random, convenient, or judgmental. Sample bias is not completely ruled out.


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