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free smu solved assignments for MBA Semester 2 MB0044 - Q1. Write short notes on: • Environmental scanning as a basis for strategic decision making • Tools for implementation of operations • Differentiation strategies as a basis of decision making • Core competencies as a basis of decision making

Answer: ·         Environmental scanning as a basis for strategic decision making:
The business environment of any organisation includes the industry, society, ecology, marketplace, governmental agencies, technology, and others.

Analysis: Organisations should be aware of the business environment in which the firm exists, and have to compete continually by exhibiting potential for opportunities and threats. Being aware of those, and their impact on the firm by a process of analysis, is called environmental scanning.

Conclusion: Business decisions are taken after lots of deliberations which involve steps like
data gathering, analysis, and predicting outcomes are called Environmental scanning.

·         Tools for implementation of operations:
All functions in the organisation including administration, finance, materials, purchase, marketing, production, logistics, communication, and others can be considered as operations. To implement operations, we need some tools like Gantt charts, Line balancing and line of balance, Simulation models, ERP.

Analysis: Gantt charts used for visualizing the work assignments and sequence.
Line balancing to ensure that machining centres are loaded as uniformly as possible to prevent build up stocks at intermediate stages.
Simulation models are used to predict utilisation of machines and production levels.
Proper maintenance and analysis of records help us to see the gaps that have crept into the operations system.

Conclusion: a set of specialized techniques are called tools which are required to use some process and convert them into outputs usable in the next stage of the value chain.

·         Differentiation strategies as a basis of decision making:
Differentiation is a process by which a company distinguishes itself from its competitors and their offerings. The process includes adding a set of differentiators, which are meaningful, and adds value for the customer.

Analysis: The differentiators have to make the company’s offerings (the products and services) profitable.


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