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Write Short notes on a. Production Control b. Balancing of workstations c. Pragmatic benchmarking d. Implementation of operations

Answer: a. Production Control: production control are dispatching and expediting.
Dispatching Dispatching is concerned with setting production activities in motion. The production activities include issuing material release orders and moving materials from work centre to work centre, meeting the requirements of routing and scheduling. This also
includes such activities like releasing the necessary tools and equipment, instruments, and inspection devices for the purpose of production. Even machine setups will be included.
· Expediting Expediting function ensures that the progress is satisfactory and the path of the production process is cleared of constraints and the workflow is smooth. It helps in situations when out of turn deliveries are required to meet the market demands. It may also be necessary to speed up the process by facilitating extra resources to meet the deadlines.
b. Balancing of workstations: Assembly lines carry out operations in a sequence so that the product gets completed in stages. Since the workflow has to be uniform and operations may require different periods for completion, the necessity of line balancing is felt. Capacities at workstations are so adjusted that a product takes approximately the same amount of time during each stage in the process of assembly. The core part of line balancing involves establishing the suitable cycle time and balancing the individual work stations in terms of the cycle time.

c. Pragmatic benchmarking: Pragmatic benchmarking is a method of measuring a company’s processes, methods, and procedures in a way that all functions in great detail.
Benchmarking, in its simplest form, is understood as a process of comparison with a superior performer anywhere in the world to improve quality and is used to understand how these practices can be brought into the system and what circumstances brought them about. It is a learning process with a view to find out whether some of the reasons have changed and to bring in new processes for improvement.

d. Implementation of operations: All functions in the organisation including administration, finance, materials, purchase, marketing, production, logistics, communication, and others can be considered as operations. The reason is that all of them use some inputs like materials or information either on a person-to-person basis or through a flow line. They are required to use some process and convert them into outputs usable in the next stage of the value chain. The bills payable section will have to verify the data regarding the above and seek the inspection reports from the quality control department/user.
Before the actual payment is made, verifications such as the terms of payment and availability of funds are done.


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