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Free bba assignment answer of bba107 Q1. Define the term ‘Organisational Behaviour”. Explain the importance of Organizational Behaviour.

Organizational Behavior (OB) is the study and application of knowledge about how people, individually and groups behave as individuals as well as in groups in the organizations. Its main purpose is to build better relationships by achieving individual objectives, group
objectives, and organizational objectives and at last, social objectives.

Importance of Organizational Behaviour: Organizations comprise people who show differentiated behaviors. Dealing with such varied behaviors is an essential activity of managers. Therefore, organizational behavior helps managers to understand and manage human behavior at their work place.

Let us now have a look at how the study of OB is useful to managers:
Understanding of self and others – OB is a useful tool for understanding human behavior that can be studied at the individual, group or organizational level. The organizational behavior help an individual to understand himself as well as others better. This also improves interpersonal relations among all levels of employees. The most significant topics covered under this aspect are: values and attitudes, perception, communication, leadership, transactional analysis, power and conflict.

Motivation of human resources – the task of a manager is to get the work done through subordinates by inspiring them to achieve organizational goals. But, this can only be practiced by a manager if he is aware of the different patterns of individual’s needs and desires. Hence, OB helps the manager to understand these differing need patterns and suitable methods of rewarding employees by fulfilling their needs.

Effective communication – communication is very vital for all managers. It is only through communication that two people are able to exchange their views and opinions. Good communication can lead to wonders in the organization, whereas poor communication can create blunders.

Therefore, to run the organization effectively, managers need to learn first how to communicate formally and informally with individuals and groups. Unit 10 will deal with the communication aspect.

Effective organizational climate – this covers a broader view rather than focusing on narrow aspects. OB stresses upon creating a healthy climate comprising harmonious inter-personal relations, hygienic working conditions, fair and adequate compensation, better and safe equipment for performing the job, effective leadership, employees’ participation, etc.


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