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answer of MBA204– MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS Q1. What are the different challenges a manager face in managing Information systems?

Answer: The issues faced by a modern manager who has to deal with IS are posed as a series of questions below. The perspective from which these questions are posed is that of a Chief Information Offi cer (CIO) of an organisation. A CIO is typically the person in any
organisation who has the responsibility of deploying and maintaining IS.   

1 What information systems to build?
This question addresses the fundamental need for an information system (IS) in the organisation. IS serves many purposes and objectives and the manager has to determine which need in the organisation has to be addressed. Identifying and prioritising the need is the fi rst task in answering this question.. 

2 How much to spend on information systems?
When the need for an information system (IS) is clear, the next important decision is how much to spend on the system. Systems available in the market will have different prices and capabilities, and systems built in-house by the fi rm will have their own internal cost estimation.   

3 What level of capabilities should be created with information systems?
Managers have to decide the extent of the information systems (IS) they are envisaging.   

4 How centralised should the services be?
An important decision for most large organisations is that of having centralised versus decentralised computing facilities. A centralised facility is a single large IS department that serves all the needs of the organisation and has employees that have the necessary skills to run a large facility. Decentralised systems are those that are maintained and run by other functional departments.    

5 What security levels are required?
Modern information systems (IS) infrastructures are constantly under threats from internal and external sources. Internal threats arise from employees stealing data or fudging accounts or misusing the systems in some way. External threats arise from computer viruses that enter through the Internet services and disrupt the functioning of systems within the organisation.   


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