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Answers of MBA102 - Business Communication Assignment Question 1- Define communication. What are the characteristics of communication?

AnswerCommunication in simple terms is a transfer of information between people, resulting in common understanding between them. Communication has been defined differently by different writers and behavioural theorists.

According to Newman and Summer, ““Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas,
opinions or emotions by two or more persons”. According to Allen Louis, “It is the sum of all the things one person does when he wants to create an understanding in the mind of another”. 

The characteristics of communication:
·         It is unavoidable – It is impossible not to communicate, since we communicate unintentionally all the time, even without the use of words. Our body language, the way we dress, the importance we give to arriving on time, our behaviour and the physical environment in which we work, all convey certain messages to others.
·         It is a two-way exchange of information – Communication is sharing of information between two or more persons, with continuous feedback.
·         It is a process – Each message is part of a process and does not occur in isolation. This means that the meaning attached to a message depends on what has happened before and on the present context. For example, your boss’ response to your request for a promotion will depend on your past relationship with him, as well as his mood at that particular moment.
·         It involves a sender and a receiver of information – Any communication starts with a sender of a message and requires a receiver to attach some meaning to that message.
·         It could be verbal or non-verbal – Communication could be through the use of words in spoken or written form, or through the use of body language such as gestures and facial expressions.
·         It is successful when the receiver interprets the meaning in the same way as that intended by the sender – The receiver may not always attach the same meaning to a message as the sender. When the message is wrongly interpreted, the communication is a failure.
·         It is a dynamic process – Communication involves sharing of thoughts and experiences in a meaningful manner while assimilating, processing, and responding to the person one is talking with. The mode and manner of communication may vary according to the situation.
It enables understanding – Communication enables people to understand the necessity for change, the reasons for performing certain things, the method of implementing processes, and the importance of their actions.


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