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answers of MBA106 –Human Resource Management Question 1- What is human resources management? Discuss the scope & functions of HRM.

Answer: Human resources management: Human resource refers to total knowledge, skills, creative abilities, talents and individual aptitudes of an organisation’s workforce, as well as values, attitudes and beliefs of the individuals involved. A human resource manager has to build an effective workforce, handle the expectations of the employees and ensure that they perform at their best. Human resource management outlines the importance of HRM and its
different functions in an organisation. I

Scope of Human Resource Management
HRM in personnel management – This is typically direct manpower management that involves manpower planning, hiring (recruitment and selection), training and development, induction and orientation, transfer, promotion, compensation, layoff and retrenchment, and employee productivity. 

HRM in employee welfare – This particular aspect of HRM deals with working conditions and amenities at the workplace. This includes a wide array of responsibilities and services such as safety services, health services, welfare funds, social security and medical services.

HRM in industrial relations – Since employment relationship is a highly sensitive area, it needs careful interactions with labour or employee unions, address their grievances and effectively settle the disputes in order to maintain peace and harmony in the organisation.    

Functions of HRM:
Below figure depicts the major functions that an HR manager has to carry out in any organization.

HRM functions can be broadly classified into the following two categories:
1. Managerial functions
2. Operative functions 


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