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solved assignment 2014 MB0047 – MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM Q1. In the current e-world any organisation’s massive operations are managed by various types of information systems that help them to achieve their goals of servicing their clients. This can be done by the growth of modern organization. Discuss some of the essential features of modern organisation.

Answer: The essential features of modern organization:
IT-Enabled organization
The organisations discussed above are modern in the sense that they have built into their structure the elements of information technology (IT) that enable them to function in a manner appropriate to the demands of the environment. This is a fundamental difference between a modern organisation and its older, premodern incarnation. Tata Motors, for instance, upon its initiation in 1945 would also have put in place built-in mechanisms to respond to its environment and to function in a manner appropriate to that time. However, what distinguishes Tata Motors’ functioning then and now is the difference in the current use of IT to shape its functioning and responsiveness.

Networked organisation
Modern organisations function in a world of digital networks in addition to the physical world that was the same for the old organisations. The organisations are linked as nodes on the

smu assignment summer 2014 answers mba MB0039 –Business Communication Q1. As a speaker you are addressing a group of people. Explain the elements involved in this communication.

Answer: The Key elements involved in this communications are:
 · Sender or encoder This is the person who transmits a message. For example, a manager is writing a letter to a consultant after a meeting or a sales manager making a presentation to the sales team. Here the manager is the sender.

 · Receiver or decoder The person who notices and decodes, or attaches some meaning to a message. Decoding may not always be accurate and a wrong meaning may be attached to a message. For example

solved mba assignments OM0015: MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT - Q1. Write a note on preventive maintenance.

Answer: Preventive Maintenance (PM) is based on the idea “Prevention is better than cure”. PM is a regularly scheduled maintenance activity, with an objective to anticipate problems and correct them before they occur. PM is carried out and normally programmed, to prevent an item failing or wearing out by:
 ·         Providing systematic inspection.
·         Using recommended grades of oil.
·         Periodical lubrication and cleaning.
·         Detecting and preventing incipient failure.

PM is carried out on those items where a failure would result in expensive consequences. For
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