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solved assignments BBA501 - Q1. Write short notes on: Objectives of Operations Management

Objectives of Operations Management
Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is vital to the survival of an organization. The organization researches the expectations of the customer or service to be rendered and decides on the product.

Profitability: The pricing of the product should be competitive to achieve sales. For this, the market price of products should be competitive and commensurate with the features offered in the product.

BBA501 solved assignments - Q1. Write short notes on: Operations Strategy as a Competitive Weapon.

Operations Strategy as a Competitive Weapon: The development of a customer-oriented corporate strategy needs proper Co-ordination at the functional level to achieve the overall objectives of the company. The company response is based on the market environment to keep the information bank updated at all times. Market analysis makes assessment of the strength of the competitors for adopting or making changes in the strategy as per the needs

SMU solved assignments BBA 101: COMMUNICATION SKILLS - Q1. Communication is the lifeblood of a business organization. Explain the process of Communication. What is the role of Communication in Business?

AnswerProcess of Communication: A process, by definition is “a systematic series of action or operation of a series of changes directed to some end.” Communication is a two – way process in which there is an exchange and chain of ideas towards a mutually acceptable direction. The process of communication involves two or more persons participating through a medium that carries the information or message for a particular purpose, which is mutually understood by both the sender and the receiver.

Elements of Communication Process

Sender / Encoder / Speaker: 
The person who starts the communication process is normally referred to as the sender. He is the person who transmits, spreads, or communicates a message with the purpose of
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