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Answers of MBA102 - Business Communication Assignment Question 1- Define communication. What are the characteristics of communication?

AnswerCommunication in simple terms is a transfer of information between people, resulting in common understanding between them. Communication has been defined differently by different writers and behavioural theorists.

According to Newman and Summer, ““Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas,

Answer of MBA 103- Statistics for Management Assignment Question 1- Give the meaning of the word Statistics. Mention the characteristics of Statistics.

AnswerThe word "Statistics" which comes from latin word status, meaning a political state, originally meant information useful to the state, for example, information about the sizes of population

Answers of MBA104 - FINANCIAL AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING Assignment Question 1- Rainbow Ltd. sold goods for Rs. 30,00,000 in a year. In that year, the variable costs were Rs. 6,00,000 and fixed costs were Rs. 8,00,000. Find out: i) MCSR or P/V Ratio ii) Break-even sales iii) Break-even sales, if the selling price was reduced by 10 % and fixed costs were increased by Rs. 1,00,000.

i) P/V ratio = (S-V)*100
Where, S = Selling price
And V = variable cost
Here, P/V ratio = (3000000-600000)*100

P/V ratio = 80%
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