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Q. What are the rights of a surety?

Answer: Rights of a surety may be classified under three heads:

·        Rights against the principal debtor
·         Rights against the creditor,
·          Rights against co-sureties.

Rights against the principal debtor:
Right of subrogation – Section 140 provides that where a surety has paid the guaranteed debt on the due date or has performed the guaranteed duty on the default of the principal debtor, he/she is invested with all rights that the creditor has against the debtor. In other

Q. Explain the four types of experimental designs. Pre-experimental designs Quasi-experimental designs True experimental designs Statistical designs

Answer: Pre-experimental designs: The experiment group is subjected to treatment and a post test measurement is taken. In the control group measurement is taken at the time when it was done for experimental group. These do not make use of any randomization

Explain the 7P’s of marketing mix with the help of suitable examples.

Answer: Though marketing literature is dominated by manufacturing and product-centric business practices, service marketing constitutes a strategic area, which has propelled growth and success for many organisations. Pure services and products are hypothetical
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