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solved assignments of BBR501 Q1. Explain the different forms of retail stores in India.

AnswerStore-based Retailing: Involves fixed shops for storing and selling products. These shops are physically available to consumers to get the products as per their requirements. The following are different types of retail stores:
Discount Store: Refers to a store that has a large volume of products and offers goods and commodities at a lower price than many other retail stores. A discount store sells products at low costs; therefore, has a low profit margin. These types of stores are often able to discount their prices due to effective distribution methods. Few of these stores are also chain stores which include Big Bazaar, Walmart, Target and K-Mart.
Supermarket: Refers to a store that keeps low-cost products in large volumes. It satisfies the demand for

smu mba solved assignments for spring 2014 for mb0049 Q1. Write short notes on : • Commercial and economic feasibility • Technical feasibility

Answer: Commercial and economic feasibility:
 The economic feasibility aspect of a project relates to the earning capacity of the project. Earnings of the project depend on the volume of sales. Here, the following important indicators are taken into consideration:
 ·         Present demand of the goods produced through the project i.e. market facility (or) getting a

mba assignments answers of mb0048 Q1. Discuss the methodology of Operations Research. Explain in brief the phases of Operations Research.

AnswerChurchman, Aackoff, and Aruoff defined operations research as “the application of scientific methods, techniques and tools to the operation of a system with optimum solutions to the problems” where 'optimum' refers to the best possible alternative.

Operations Research is a systematic and scientific study of the
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