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Free answer of smu bba assignment bba109 Q1. What do you mean by primary data? What are the various methods of collecting primary data?

AnswerPrimary sources are original sources from which the researcher directly collects data that have not been previously collected e.g., collection of data directly by the researcher on brand awareness, brand preference, brand loyalty and other aspects of consumer behaviour from a sample of consumers by interviewing them. Primary data are first-hand information collected through

Free answer of bba assignment bba108 Q1. What are the constituents of the micro external factors in business environment?

AnswerThe different External Factors that affect the business environment:
Suppliers: The suppliers supply inputs like raw materials and components to a company.Suppliers are organizations and individuals that provide the resources needed to produce goods and services. They are critical to an organization's marketing success and are an important link in its value delivery system. Uncertainty regarding

Free bba assignment answer of bba107 Q1. Define the term ‘Organisational Behaviour”. Explain the importance of Organizational Behaviour.

Organizational Behavior (OB) is the study and application of knowledge about how people, individually and groups behave as individuals as well as in groups in the organizations. Its main purpose is to build better relationships by achieving individual objectives, group
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